HAIRY HAIRY MOUTH by Psilicone Theatre & Chui – Video Q&A (en)

The members of Psilicone Theatre (Lituania) are visual artists, originally. In „Hairy, Hairy Mouth“ they use projections of multi-layered images and peculiar looking silicone figures to tell the story of a textile factory closed down in the 1990s. Accompanied by the energetic Croatian Jazz band Chui, the animated images and objects focus on fragments of personal memories of former workers that have been able, sometimes not, to make the best out of this change. In this Q&A right before the German premiere you can find out more about it all and get to know the artists and musicians. Moderated by: Beate Absalon (editorial team).

Weiterlesen „HAIRY HAIRY MOUTH by Psilicone Theatre & Chui – Video Q&A (en)“

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