Benjamin Lee Martin’s trash sticker A.I. generated chaos created digital tourist memory of acapulco – for THE MELANCHOLY OF THE TOURIST


Benjamin Lee Martin was born in California and studied relational esthetiques in France where he got a taste for making low tech internet art. He currently lives in Berlin and mostly is concerned with embodied playful pleasure, silly sensuality and sometimes likes to dive into making random pop trash animations he shares secretly on tiktok.

»The melancholy of the tourist«
Oligor y Microscopía, Spain

Concept, realisation,performance Shaday Larios, Jomi Oligor/ Collaboration on text Ángel Hernández/ Collaboration on inventions Jordi Fondevila, Ivan Puig/ Collaboration on music and sound Suetszu & Jayrope/ Drawings Pepe Oligor/ Translation Subtitles Miriam Denger/ Co-production with Iberescena, Patronato Municipal de las Artes Escénicas y de la Imagen del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, Pyrenart, Le Parvis Scène Nationale Tarbes-Pyrénées, Temporada Alta, POCTEFA, Grec Festival de Barcelona